Jet Lag Relief 

There is a reason this infusion is packed full of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. Traveling via commercial airlines for business or pleasure exposes our bodies to multiple stressors. Whether it be in the airport with close contact to international/domestic travelers or the confined spaces of the airplane with recirculated air. We are exposed to the other travelers micro-flora including possible viral or bacterial infections. Some other stressors include jet lag from time zone changes, lack of sleep from red eye flights, increase stress and exposure from non-stop flights. This doesn't even include the exposure to cosmic ionizing UV radiation which most travelers aren't even aware of.  Our Jet Lag Relief infusion has high doses of important nutrients which fight against viral/bacterial exposure, increases in free radical oxidation, spikes of stress hormone (cortisol), energy draining business/travel schedules, and erratic sleeping schedules.