Includes:Infusion, Brief Consultation, Travel, Home visit, & IV Infusion Administration

*Infusion comes with the Master Antioxidant Glutathione IV Push 1000-2000mg

*Currently Intravenous drip 500ml-1000ml price may increase ($25.00) for extra fluids


Replenish your Hair, Skin, & Nails with our Beautify Formula! This Formula is aimed at reviving the health of the cells that keep your Hair, Skin, & Nails looking beautiful. If your looking for stronger & thicker hair & nails, healthier youthful glowing skin with improved elasticity, and feeling beautiful inside and out then this formula is tailored for you! This infusion not only has the ingredients formulated to improve the health of your cells that form the tissue or organs that make up your Hair, Skin, & Nails. It also has the ingredients to improve cellular energy production and increase neurotransmitters that promote elevated mood leaving you radiating vibrant beauty. 

Ingredients:A proprietary blend of essential amino acids, 8 B vitamins (activated forms of B12 & B9), other essential water soluable vitamins, minerals, amino acids & essential antioxidants to faciliate a Beautified you inside and out.

Beautify (Hair, Skin, & Nails)


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