NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)

  1. NAD+ is a miracle molecule necessary for a wide range of biological processes (over 400) that support optimal health and its abundance decreases with age.
  2. NAD+ contains the vitamin B3 molecule niacinamide
  3. NAD+ has the niacinamide molecule link to an adenine molecule, then link to 2 ribose sugars
  4. Important in tranferring electrons that eventually make ATP (cellular energy)
  5. Protecting and repairing DNA (PARP)
  6. Strengthening the immune system (improved cell signaling of Immune-CD38, CD157)
  7. Anti-aging impact via increased tankyrase activity / longer telomeres
  8. Stimulating production of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline, thereby improving mood and brain function
  9. Improving athletic endurance, combating fatigue, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, ptsd, etc



Total Body Wellness Infusion

Required full consultation (if package purchases)

NAD+ Infusion which is 3-5 hrs for 500 mg infusions x 2

NAD+ Infusion which is 6-10 hrs for 1000 mg infusions x1


Other Nad+ Applications

Available for Brain boost which is 1-3 day treatment

Available for Chronic Stress Relief Package which is 3-5 day treatment

Available for Substance Abuse/Withdrawal Relief which is 10-14 day treatment

*Repeat infusions will be cheaper and may or may not include Total Body Wellness

NAD+ Brain Boost/Addiction Relief + Consultation w/Home visit & IV Infusion