Includes:Infusion, Brief Consultation, Travel, Home visit, & IV Infusion Administration

*Infusion comes with the Master Antioxidant Glutathione IV Push 1000-2000mg

*Currently Intravenous drip 500ml-1000ml price may increase ($25.00) for extra fluids


This infusion is specifically formulated to help the body detoxify from perioperative medications including anesthesia and the increased free radical oxidation associated with tissue injury and healing. It contains targeted nutrients to aid the body in collagen production and healing from surgical incisions. Has an abundance of antioxidants aimed at decreasing the risk of post surgical infections and reducing the side effects associated with anesthesia medications. Recommended for any surgical procedure in the immediate pre and post operative phases.



A proprietary blend of essential amino acids, 8 B vitamins (activated forms of B12 & B9), other essential water soluable vitamins, minerals, amino acids & essential antioxidants to faciliate Pre surgical preparation and Post surgical recovery.

Pre/Post Surgical Recovery