Includes:Infusion, Brief Consultation, Travel, Home visit, & IV Infusion Administration

*Infusion comes with the Master Antioxidant Glutathione IV Push 1000-2000mg

*Currently Intravenous Push (60ML), Intravenous drip available upon request 500ml-1000ml price may increase ($25.00)


Aline your Body with our Total Body Wellness Formula! This Formula is for overall health & wellness it is aimed at enhancing your cellular health. Whether your goal is anti-aging, limitless memory, sharpened focus & brain clarity, vibrant energy,  elevated mood (decrease anxiety & depression), enhanced performance (at home, school, workplace, gym, or in the bedroom), improved body composition, better stress tolerance, superior immune function, exceptional digestion, stronger & thicker hair & nails, healthier & youthful skin this infusion encompasses all of the above just take a look at the ingredient benefits below .



A proprietary blend of essential amino acids, 8 B vitamins (activated forms of B12 & B9), other essential water soluable vitamins, minerals, amino acids & essential antioxidants to faciliate Total Body Wellness.

Total Body Wellness